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MDM Portal

Welcome to the Master Data Management Portal, the companion web site for David Loshin’s book, “Master Data Management.”

One of the challenges of print publications is their static nature, and despite having designed “Master Data Management” for a multi-year shelf life, new developments emerge in the technology space that should be addressed within the framework of any book’s contents. This MDM Book Portal is a companion web site to the book and will be a destination web site for individuals interested in anything having to do with master data management. The site will provide a dynamic supplement to the book, with monthly columns written by author David Loshin on topics timely in the MDM space.  

MDM is still in its emergent stages, with the accompanying confusion as to concepts, processes, and best practices. David Loshin’s book is an attempt to put a stake in the ground and demonstrate that good data management practices coupled with MDM technology can lead to successful MDM programs. The MDM Book Portal will provide a publication platform for community education in the area of master data management. Vendor sponsors use this forum to align themselves with this message and present their solutions to the readership consisting of anyone interested in learning more about master data management, including senior managers, implementation managers, enterprise architects, and other decision-makers and influencers.

This portal site provides interactive features, including blogging, “Ask the Expert,” Podcasts and Videocasts, case studies, Best Practices Monographs, and surveys.  A calendar of events will publicize upcoming activities.


Also, check out the blog page, where all articles will be archived and new insights and comments will be posted by the author.

admin @ July 9, 2008