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It is always refreshing to get the message “straight from the shoulder”.  David Loshin is not trying to win a popularity contest … he is trying to make a contribution to humanity that will help straighten out the problems!  Thank you David.

- John A. Zachman, Zachman International


David gives sound, practical advice for business leaders and managers planning a real implementation.  His material covers the key business, operational and technical elements of an enterprise reference data and master data program.  He delivers a clear description of the functional and technical solutions that are available to business managers.  David provides insights that can help business and technology managers to improve strategic planning, manage organizational change and simplify the operational integration of systems and business processes.

- Justin Magruder, Vice President, Enterprise Information Strategy & Management, Freddie Mac


Few people can serve as both an academic and a practitioner. David Loshin is one of those people and he is superbly qualified to bring sense to the topic of master data management.   He has brought all his skills and experience together in this book.  Anyone that is embarking on a master data management initiative will find this book a great resource, from the initial efforts to understanding the business value of master data to the methodical approach to implementation.

- Tony Fisher, President, DataFlux


With his new book on MDM, David Loshin has created a comprehensive overview of a complex topic that should be one of the top 5 priorities for CIOs: to transform an enterprise through superior management of its critical business data. Much like the SOA market, MDM needs a separate category of best practices to address the hard business problems that can only be solved through better data governance. This book does a wonderful job of posing these challenges and positing some solutions. A must-have guide for those looking to understand the IT and business issues around master data management.

- Anurag Wadehra, Senior VP, Marketing & Product Management, Siperian

Similar to David’s other books on data management; Master Data Management shares a deep understanding of how critical business issues are addressed through the managed integration of emerging technologies. This book provides a full-scale exposition on the benefits and the challenges of master data integration; describes approaches to justify, initiate and design a master data management (MDM) program; and guides the reader in a process to evaluate the numerous methods and solutions to determine the approach that best addresses the organization’s needs. This book delivers the content in the easily read, pragmatic style that has made David Loshin one of the most popular experts for both our business and technology visitors at (Business Intelligence Network).

- Ron Powell, Editorial Director, Business Intelligence Network,


Master data management is a new field of endeavor with deep roots in data quality management. As such, there is no better person than David Loshin to help data practitioners not only understand the intricacies of MDM but implement it successfully. This how-to manual birthed from long experience is a must-read for aspiring MDM managers and developers.

- Wayne Eckerson, Director, TDWI Research


David Loshin continues the important MDM conversation by highlighting the specific technology frameworks and tactics necessary for MDM success. This book offers a spot-on look at the components of MDM–and why enterprise master data should be treated as a core corporate asset.

- Jill Dyche, Partner, Baseline Consulting, Author of Customer Data Integration: Reaching a Single Version of the Truth


This is a very important book, and it is both necessary and timely. It helps to clear up misunderstandings of Master Data Management, and offers practical help for MDM implementers.  It is required reading for everyone involved in data management.  The practice of MDM is essential, and this book facilitates that practice.

- Bonnie K. O’Neil, Senior Data Architect, Caridian BCT


In his usual clear style and ability to connect the dots across a broad range of different disciplines, David offers invaluable guidance for those at varying stages of their MDM journey.  This book will add immense value in your pursuit of Master Data Management.  Thanks, David!

- Martin Moseley, CTO, Initiate Systems, Inc.


David Loshin has a knack for getting to the bottom of the issue. By tackling the critical issues of making Master Data Management successful, he demystifies this “black art” and helps the reader understand where the value lies; by synchronizing business practices with data management, David shows how real business value is driven not with technology, but with sound, well thought out practices that deliver time after time.

- Bill Hewitt, President & CEO, Kalido 

admin @ July 25, 2008