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Teradata Master Data Management

Teradata’s guiding principle for master data management is that core business data is an enterprise-wide resource and must be managed from an enterprise-wide perspective. By synchronizing master data, a common view of core business data across an enterprise is ensured. This dramatically shortens the time needed to analyze, review and drive changes to a business process.

Teradata Master Data Management enables companies to synchronize information across disparate systems, functional areas and business units to enable enterprise-wide data consistency and data visibility. This common view of product, customer, location, vendor, employee, purchase order, customer order or bill of material is a prerequisite for holistic decision making and efficient business operations. This results in increasing revenues, lowering costs and superior customer satisfaction.

Teradata Master Data Management is built on a model-driven, open standards, service-oriented architecture. This enables the enterprise to manage master data via a virtual data dictionary using easy-to-use, visual, business process and data modeling tools.

Business and data workflows are defined and executed using a powerful business process execution engine and a data validation framework. These tools enable business users to create, update and document processes and workflows while simultaneously empowering IT departments to rapidly extend existing data models to support the changing business needs. Customers can leverage Teradata’s MDM foundation to build new enterprise-wide MDM solutions that integrate with existing legacy applications and data.

Teradata Master Data Management can be implemented without altering existing systems or incurring downtime.

Teradata Product Information Management

Teradata Product Information Management is based on the Teradata Master Data Management platform. It is designed to support organizations that view data as a corporate asset. Based on a service-oriented architecture, the solution is designed to support the data model and the associated process model for different types of data, such as meta data, reference, transaction, operational and analytic data.

Teradata Customer Data Integration

Customer data integration (CDI) is one way to address these business challenges. CDI should be addressed within an overall master data management (MDM) strategy. Teradata MDM, along with its CDI Reference Solution Accelerator, is a complete platform that effectively and economically resolves issues related to MDM and CDI.

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