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As an exercise, we have assembled some short worksheets to be used when considering putting together an MDM program as a way of organizing thoughts about the program. This MDM Vision worksheet is intended to help the MDM program management better articulate what is expected to occur to benefit the business as a result of creating the unified view of the organization’s critical master data structures.

The MDM Readiness Worksheet is used to assess the details of core capabilities that are necessary for a successful MDM program, such as data ownership policies, enterprise architecture, and business process modeling, to name a few.

Before embarking on an MDM project, it must be clear to all stakeholders what the measurable benefits will be. The MDM Business Process Worksheet can be used to list those business processes that will be positively improved through a unified master view, as well as for exploring how both data and services can be consolidated.

Master metadata is a critical component - assess your organization’s approach to metadata using the MDM Metadata worksheet.

Data governance and data quality are key to MDM success, and it is worth reviewing the organization’s data governance and data quality capabilities using this MDM Data Governance and Data Quality worksheet.

Resolving architecture approaches is necessary prior to product selection, and we can use the MDM Architecture worksheet to help in that resolution. And identifying the proper set of services supporting the applications can be helped with the MDM Services worksheet.

admin @ July 8, 2008